Administration and client relations

All our management systems are synchronized. This allows us to provide our clients with full and detailed accounts of work performed in regard to each individual matter referred to the firm. The hourly billing rates are pre-determined for each member of the firm thereby allowing our clients to control their costs for professional service rendered by each member of the firm involved in their files.

The use of modern professional management tools increases the efficiency of our service. In addition to having at our disposal the traditional research tools such as publications, our firm has invested in the constitution of an internal computerized professional information banks, as well as in terminal access to a number of legal information banks available in Quebec and Canada.

The laws governing the exercise of the legal profession impose upon us the duty to protect client privilege thus ensuring our clients full confidence when dealing with our firm

Two characteristics distinguish us:

  • providing a customer service oriented strategic teamwork;
  • our commitment to ensuring the success of our clients.

Known for our innovative approaches , we will help you to find creative and cost effective solutions.

Capitalize on our strong legal knowledge and experience as well as creative imagination.

In conclusion, our goal is to serve our clients diligently with a keen business sense as well as an approach to each file, not only with the perspective of a jurist, but also as a counsellor with respect to practical alternatives which may be at hand

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