Fields of Practice

JEANNIOT Inc. provides services mainly in the nine (9) following fields of practice:

Business law and commercial litigation

This field covers legal structuring of a business in the different form that it can take, as well as changes to and reorganization of such a business.

It also covers the planning of the activities of a business, whether inside or or outside the country, including its tax planning, the organization of its public and private financing and the supervision of its daily affairs.

We get involved in the expansion of a business through such methods as the acquisition of shares or franchising, and in the termination of a business, by sale of its assets or shares of a business, by sale of its assets or shares or through winding-up and/or bankruptcy.

We also handle business litigation, civil litigation and private law through representation before judicial or quasi-judicial bodies including in matters of competition and unfair trade practices.

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services team provides our clientele with a cost-effective solution for corporate services needs, backed with the high level of experience and availability of our skilled legal professionals.

Our Expertise extends to :

  • Full name searches
  • Incorporations and organizations
  • Provincial and federal sales tax registrations
  • Continuances
  • Complete reorganizations
  • Amendments to constating documents
  • Amalgamations
  • Liquidations, winding-ups and dissolutions
  • Revivals
  • Annual maintenance
  • Provincial and extra-provincial registrations
  • Corporate status searches and procurement of certificates of good standing and compliance
  • Corporate due diligences
  • Detailed corporate audit reports and updates
  • Assistance with fiscal transactions
  • Assistance with commercial transactions


JEANNIOT Inc. has a privileged relationship with the Canadian Commercial Arbitration Centre (the CCAC). Its depth and diversity allow it to bring to any domestic or international arbitration mandate the best legal and advocacy talent of the firm.

Consequently, our firm represents clients in complex international and national arbitration files within the following sectors:

As a result, JEANNIOT Inc. is one of Montreal's leading arbitration firms and handles complex arbitrations before internationnal recognized arbitration institutions and has acted in many forms of domestic and ad hoc arbitrations. Our litigation group has also defended and enforced arbitration agreements and awards at all levels of the Canadian Court system.

Our arbitration practice also includes advising clients and representing them in all forms of alternative dispute resolution, including principled negotiations, mediation, early neutral intervention, mini-trial or other forms of ADR.

No other law firm can bring to a complex international arbitration mandate the depth, credibility, legal excellence and advocacy skills of JEANNIOT Inc.


Civil litigation and private law

Since the Canadian legal system is comprised of two of the world's greatest legal traditions, the English common law and the French civil law, JEANNIOT Inc. team can manage complex files in French and English, as well as other major international languages with thorough familiarity of both major legal traditions. Our national litigation support team of paralegals are able to assist any type of complex and document-intensive litigation.

The firm deals with any issue relating to the interpretation and application of civil and private law concepts.

Since the introduction of class actions on our law, our firm has developed experience as defendant counsel in major cases.

The litigation sector deals with problems associated with the application of civil law, notably contractual and delictual responsibility.

We have also acquired over the years a wide experience in the area of product liability.


Family law

Tailored expertise

The members of JEANNIOT Inc. provide personalized service to lead clients to the resolution of family law issues through advanced planning, skilled negotiations and experienced representation in the courtroom. Group practitioners can help resolve family law matters through negotiation, mediation, collaborative law and litigation. In addition to the traditional services provided to families in transition, JEANNIOT Inc. also provides strategic advice to business clients about protecting business assets and consult with other professionals to advise clients on the impact of family law on estate, corporate and tax planning.

Services to suit all needs

Our professionals offer a wide range of services, including assistance with adoptions; negotiating and drafting marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements, separation agreements and surrogacy agreements; property division; the determination of spousal and child support and common law rights; and divorce applications. In some cases agreements can be drafted to protect assets, including family trusts and business assets. For litigated matters, our members argue family law issues in court and in private arbitrations.


Public law

Administrative law deals with the relationship between the State and its constituents or between different levels of government. Constitutional law is interested in the problems resulting from the distribution of legislated power between the various levels of government, the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms and the separation of powers. We analyze the validity of laws, regulations and executive action and touch upon all areas of litigation relating to judicial control of the State before judicial or quasi-judicial bodies.


Intellectual property and technology transfer

This is vastly expanding area of the law which is extremely important to Montreal where some of the most important engineering firms operating abroad have established their headquarters. The expansion of software and its extension to every area of a business has created a need for specific legal advice in this connection. Our firm possesses the expertise required to protect the transfer of technology, and to ensure the application of legislation dealing with trademarks, patent, industrial design and copyright.


Labour relations

Our activities in this area deal mainly with giving advice to our clientele on the principles of law relating to individuals and unions and their representation before the Courts as well as administrative tribunals.


Real estate and insolvency

Our expertise also concerns Real Estate and Securities, especially in the context of the realization process and the rendering of opinions on behalf of our clients.

Also of importance is our involvement in various insolvency matters, including forced liquidation and bankruptcy.


Other fields covered

The above constitutes our principal areas of expertise which are, in summary, those in which our firm is involved on a regular basis. It does not constitute, however, an exhaustive list of the activities of JEANNIOT Inc.

In fact, as already shown above, the firm practices in all areas of law with the exception of criminal law where we have limited our involvement to economic crimes and tax legislation. As regards additional areas, our firm, for example, deals with securities, constitutional law and the law relating to access to government information, to name just a few.

Our colleagues and their conflicts of interest

JEANNIOT Inc. is often called upon by fellow attorneys who occasionally find themselves in situations of real or apparent conflict of interest with regard to certain of their clients. We accept to represent these clients for the limited duration of these assignments with integrity and a heightened sense of responsibility both to the referred clients and their referring attorneys. JEANNIOT Inc. has also developed close relationships with las firms throughout North America, Europe and overseas. This network permits us to offer our clients integrated services at an international level.