Who are we

The origin of our firm goes back more than a quarter century.

Since our firm was founded, we have acted as legal counsel to and have been involved with the organization and expansion of financial institutions and commercial enterprises of every description including transportation. Our support team and team of legal technicians are both integrated and without comparison they are able to efficiently manage - in real time - the important volume of documents that can be generated by complexe files.

The firm is comprised of lawyers having various specializations in civil Las as well as in Common Law, each of whom is capable of exercising their respective functions in both the English and French languages. The members of Jeanniot & Associates are cognizant that they are continuing in the tradition of its founders to offer the highest quality of professional services in a variety of disciplines as hereinafter set forth.



Clear principles which guide our practice and inspire professional excellence among the entire team, and that serves as our guidepost in our ongoing efforts not only to meet, but to exceed client expectations.


We are always learning about the law, practice and our clients, and always teaching each other what we know. We manage what we know so as to share it across our offices, our practice areas and our levels of experience.


We observe the highest standards of integrity, competence and professionalism. We want to be and do the best, and we take pride in our good name.


We continually examine and improve what we do and how we do it, and find new and better ways not only to solve problems, but also to use technology to improve our speed and efficiency.


We are a team of teams, working together to make the best possible use of our collective resources for the benefit of our clients.


We give back to the law, legal education, our professions and our communities. We want each of them to be better for our being part of it.


We are available to our clients, and deliver on our promise of prompt service. We use client teams and technology to maximize our availability and accessibility.


We develop solutions to achieve our clients' objectives through our understanding of their business, sensitivity to their needs, and direct personal attention by our professionals who have the right experience and expertise.


We manage our work for clients efficiently, delivering pragmatic solutions and allocating our resources, including technology, to achieve results that best serve their interests.


We anticipate our clients' needs through enhanced service, briefing them on current legal developments and keeping them informed on matters relevant to their business and legal concerns.


We listen to our clients and keep the lines of communication open and active to ensure clear understanding of issues and tasks at hand.

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